More information about Data Recovery

Standard Data Backup

This is the cheapest service and it consists to backup the data from one working computer or from one dead unit.

 The internal flash storage, Hard Disk Drive, or Solid State Drive (SSD) has to be intact and in good shape. This will apply for those customer who wants to transfer the data from one computer to another one.

Data Backup Solutions

This service consist to recommend to the customer the best solution  to keep your data safe, this can be:

      1.  External Hard Disk Drive with a Backup Software.
      2.  Online Data Backup (Cloud Solution)
      3.  Data Bank recommendation as needed

Backup Devices:

     * Servers
     * NAS
     * IBM Total Storage Device
     * Western Digital RAID Storage Array
     * Drobo Devices

CD/DVDS - Flash Storage - SDCards - Hard Disk - Solid States - Flash Storage Devices

Data Recovery by Stages

      Backing the data up or Recovering it,  depend of the status of the hard disk drive or device.

1. Stage One:
     Regular and Standard Data Backup or data transfer
2. Stage Two:
    This apply when the user has one device and this device lost partition and it is not mounting the unit.

3. Stage Three:
     The hard disk drive is lightly damaged, but it still spinning, it can be
     disconnecting by itself or lose the power.

4. Stage four: Clean Room (Service is not offered here)
     Hard Disk Drive  is not turning on, Making electronic or mechanical noise, clicking noise.

When the storage Device (Flash Drive, Solid State Drive, Flash Storage Drive, Hard Disk Drive) is severely damaged the next step is to take it to a Clean Room to extract the data, this is a special environment, dust free where specialists open the unit and correct the problem to get it working and be able to get the data from it.

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