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Getting data back from iPhones, iPods, iPads, Androids
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    Today newer technologies have a high chance to fail, due a manufacturing defect or because an accidental damage, either one may cause that you data go away. What do you do on this situation?

1. Try to get data by yourself?, this is an option, but this process can cause more damage to the device, then it will be more expensive to
     extract  the information.
2. Usually users connect and disconnect the device so many times, trying to get it connected and mounted, this procedure will damage the device electronically or physically, this procedure will lock the device and  may damage the surface of the hard disk drive, or the circuit on SSD/Flash Storage (corrupting the memory), so later data recovery will be really expensive.
3. You can take your device to some non-experienced person or business and that will be the end of your device if you are out luck.

     In San Francisco Bay Computer Services we do understand that your data is important, that  is why we are so carefully handling your device and taking care of it, our methods to get data are not going to degrade the status of your device, after we do the diagnostic we can tell you how much will be the cost to extract the data, or we are going to refer you the the best company around the Bay area to get your data out safetly.



* Standard Data Backup: This is the cheapest service and it consists to backup the data from one working computer or from one dead unit. The internal flash storage, Hard Disk Drive, or Solid State Drive (SSD) has to be intact and in good shape. This will apply for those customer who wants to transfer the data from one computer to another one.

* Data Backup Solutions: This service consist to recommend to the customer the best way how to keep your data safe, this can be:

1. External Hard Disk Drive with its software
2.Online Data Backup (Installation and Tutorials)
3. Data Bank recommendation as needed

This stage will include advice to the customer about if does need to setup RAID and which one will perform better, or what kind of hardware or device is better for the situation.* Servers
     *  NAS
     * IBM Total Storage Device
     * Western Digital RAID Storage Array
     * Drobo Devices



* Data Recovery by Stages:  Backing the data up or Recovering it,  depend of the status of the hard disk drive or device where we would like to extract the data from, to have an idea we separated it per stages:

1. Stage One: Regular and Standard Data Backup.
2. Stage Two: This apply when the user has one device and this device is not turning on
      and the internal storage device is failing, lost partition, or lost the data.
3. Stage Three: The hard disk drive is lightly damaged, but it still spinning, it can be
     disconnecting it by itself or lose power, then stage three is the way how to get data from
       it. Usually this process can take easily 2, 3 or 4 weeks.
4. Stage four: Hard Disk Drive  is not turning on, or it is not spinning.

After all our attempts we do understand that we do not have the required technology and clean room needed to continue a high level data recovery process then we will refer you to the best company around the bay area. 

Our partner in Napa, Drive Savers, if you know that your hard disk drive is severely damaged, then you can contact drive savers directly, use this code to apply for a discount:


* Data from PC/Apple:  It is much easier to get data from PC than from Apple, Apple Devices are more sensitive on data lost, and since they protect the customer's data using encryptions methods could be more difficult to get data from Apple devices, but we are Apple Certified Technicians and we do know how to deal with it, using advanced data recovery software full compatible with Apple GUID/UNIX. * Desktops, Laptops and Mobile devices: We can recover the data/pictures/contacts or other kind of information that you may have on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or on your Android Telephone.

We do convert data from obsolete system or devices, like Iomega disks, Floppy disk 5 1/4", or 3.5" Floppy Disk, from USB Flash Drives and Damaged CD/DVD