Data Backup & Recovery


Data Backup and Transfer

This Service apply only when your Drives are working fine, even when your computer is not turning on or working, but for some reason you want to backup the data ($90.00) and/or transfer the data from one device to another ($120.00), Apply for Mac and PC computers.- Please notice that the Data Backup for later Transfer includes data organization in the same folders they were working before.
Data Recovery
Level I
This Service apply only when you deleted data from your unit, disk has been formated, or a new operating system was installed over. Corrupted Partions, you see the drive but it is not mounting the unit. Even though when you are not sure about the status of your current damaged/corrupted drive, you can take it for a free diagnostic. Cost $140.00-$200.00
Data Recovery
Level II
The hard disk drive is not mechanically defective or physically damaged, it does not boot, it does not mount and present some little noise. This data recovery Level II, will combine software and external PCB inspection or replacement if needed. If your drive is clicking or noisy then Clean Room Data Recovery will be needed. We do not provide this service. Cost $250.00-$400.00
Technicians disassemble hard drive components in a Cleanroom enviornment at DriveSavers Data Recovery in Novato, CA.


We are compromised with our customer to provide solutions for all their needs, and we understand how important is to get back all the lost data from your Home or Business. We work side by side with one of the best Certified Data Recovery Company in the United States,  DriveSavers.  We are authorized by Drive Savers,  and we can take care of the packing and shipping of your device for a full free assessment, if no data is recovered then there is no charge at all. Please use our Discount Code if you want to contact Drive Savers by yourself :  DS28493 - San Francisco Bay Computer Services