Our Services

What does our Specific Methods Includes?

General Maintenance

Virus Removal
OS Optimization

Storage Optimization
OS Updates
Remove Unnecessary Software
Remove Unnecessary Startups

Optimize the Windows Registry

Clean UP Temp Files

The Idea of the General Maintenance is to collect all the information to get your computer working better.  And offer some recommendations for you to consider, then the system will be protected and working as it supposed to be.
Virus Removal
Checking Your Current Protection
Updating Virus Definitions
Deeply Scanning of malware
Virus Removal
Malicious freeware
Browsers Cleaning
System immunization

The system will work better if your windows registry is clean (malware usually hijack the registry) Please use a Valid a purchased antivirus. No Free one
PC - Laptop or Desktop Repair

PC Laptops are called to a Non-Apple designed or branded Computers like:

Toshiba, HP/Compaq, Lenovo/IBM, Acer, Asus, Panasonic, Razer, Dell/Alienware, Sony. MSI, Fujitsu, eMachine, Gateway, etc.

For those PC Laptop or Desktop we have the best software to complete a hardware diagnostic to detect very quickly what is damaged inside, and recommend a solution for you. We offer only original parts if they are available.

Gaming Systems Assembly and Repair

Our customers are very special, and time to times they want to try something different; not purchasing a branded computer but taking control of the hardware inside of their system; so they decide to customize their own system. 

We offer our labor to put all those parts together professional; organizing al cabling inside to get a great air circulation inside.

Customized Computer for Design or Gaming.


In 24 Hours, we do not charge Rush. Hardware and Software Diagnostic for any computer brand.

Hardware Support

We try to get only original/genuine parts when is possible. We offer 30 days Warranty.

Software Support

Operating System Installation; Software Installation; Software errors solution. Malware Detections/Bluescreen Issues

Virus Removal

Malware (Adware, Spyware, Virus) Trojans, Conduit, Worms, Backdoor, Unauthorized Downloaded Software, etc.

Our Services
Apple/Mac Computer Repair
Liquid Spill Accident

Do not turn your computer on after a liquid spill situation; the liquid will not go away by itself; and it will create corrosion, damaging internal circuits and disabling your computer maybe permanently.

We suggest to bring your spilled laptop or desktop as soon as possible to open it up, dry it up, and apply an anti-corrosion solution to make sure that any fuser, chip or other micro component will not blow up after the power switch is pressed.

Cracked or Broken Screen Replacement

MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro's Screen are very fragile, they are very easy to break/crack it; but time to time the screen goes damaged only opening the screen's lid a little bit more than recommended; internal screen cable can be stressed enough to get damaged, that is another weakness on this area of the computer.

We can get great price for a replacement screen for your computer and get it back to work at no time.

General Apple Computer Repair

Apple Computer as any other Electronic device can get damaged; usually electrostatic electricity can cause Firmware Lock/Chipset Lock preventing your computer to get it on as usual. This damage can be temporary or permanent. If the problem is temporary it can get away by itself; or we can help you to get rid of by discharging the electrostatic from it.

We can deal with Hardware and Software Issues on all Apple Computers, Laptop or Desktop Version.


Swollen Battery

This became a very often problem; Apple Still manufacturing batteries and they later will be swelling up. This happen on iPhone's Batteries as well.

We have a solution for you.  Apple Suggest to replace the whole top-case assembly (This is Keyboard, Track Pad, Battery) turning expensive the repair (We suggest to do that if your computer is less than two years old).

We have learned a very safe procedure to replace just the battery, leaving other component as is; so the repair will be cheaper and we will complete this job the same day for you.


iMac's System

This computers are very stable; they are quick and great for work environment. You can pickup the setting you want at the moment of purchase; if later you want to adjust something inside the procedure involves to remove the Display Panel. Doing this Job in Apple Facilities or outside always there is the risk to crack/damage this beautiful and expensive display panel.

The good is that we can handle this; depending on your iMac model some internal hardware can be, or cannot be replaced.  Please call us in advance to get information about what you can upgrade in your iMac. Get ready your Serial Number to get the correct part number .






We get day by day and very often computer that are asking for OS Password, Firmware Password, and Some Users asking to clear the iCloud Account of Cell Phones.

We want to tell our customers that we do not deal with any of that situation mentioned above. If you have any of this issues, please contact Apple Store Directly. Do not Purchase Computers from strangers.

Our Services
PC-laptop/Desktop  Computer Repair
Hardware Upgrades

Personal Computers, known as IBM Compatible Desktop systems are upgradeable. Newer technology force to buy Motherboard, CPU and Memory in a combo to get compatible hardware, ready to be synchronize.

Before any upgrade is a good idea to review the manuals to see if your current system accept upgrade and which component is the latest that it support. When talking about Memory and Microprocessor we have to check first if your Mainboard is fully compatible with any of them.  Some Motherboards accept a variety of Microprocessor and Modules of RAM belonging to the same family but different speed. Usually your PCIe Video card will be compatible, only check the if the Power Supply is strong enough to keep running smoothly your components, with enough power.

Ram/CPU Upgrades

Upgrading Memory and CPU is possible when you have a compatible motherboard.   Make sure the read the manual of your motherboard before buying RAM or Microprocessor to upgrade it.  Any Upgrade process is very easy, you do not have to be a professional to do it, but you have to be careful when opening and touching your internal components. Make sure you use an antistatic  wrist strap to avoid more damage inside. In fact if you don't use anything to protect your hardware this may continue working, but not like before; when you touch inside you do not realize you are damaging micro components. Keep this in mind motherboard will not realize that a component is damaged until is time to use it, by then you will get a bluescreen.

Gaming/Custom Systems

Many of our customers trusted on us; we have put together their customized system. If you use your computer for graphic design jobs, or simply to play games we can get you a great customized computer; our customers love this type of system because they control and know the quality of each components; and when we assembly it we take care of your system will do a good job; we will give you some recommendations about how to keep your computer working just fine; how often you want to bring it for a full maintenance; or teach you how to do it by yourself.

Let start together; you can bring your own parts and we can do the job for you; easy like that, in less than 24 hours ready for you.

Laptop Repairs

Laptops are great portable computers that you can take to your office or any place you want to go. Because you are carrying this laptop with you, please make sure to get your computer off always you put it inside of any computer bag; many time computers will not go to sleep or hibernate as they should do; instead they keep on and internal fans to cool the system fresh still blowing  hot air out, but there is no place to release that hot air, then the computer can overheat and get damaged.

Make sure to turn it off when transporting it.

malware Removal

We have heard about this malicious software running in your computer; generally you do not realize that you are infected until the computer slow down; pop-up screen; showing weird  messages, asking for money, or loosing the control of the computer.

In many cases the computer is hijacked and all sensitive information will be stolen. 

We provide a specific service to fully clean your computer; remove all unnecessary software or start up lines causing issues in your computer and blocking any unauthorized access.

Hard Disk to Solid State Upgrades

Hard Disk Drive are very popular and very cheap; there are very good brand but exist the bad ones. When you buy cheap computer always you will get a very cheap hard disk drive which usually last one year or less; then you have to spend another couple of hundred dollars to repair it; no talking about loosing your important data in the process.

We are recommending to our customers to switch from Hard Disk Drive to Solid State Drives;  SSD's are 8x Faster; this type of drives are designed to last at least 4 years; but they last longer. Keep data backup as well.