apple certified macintosh technician

Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, MacMini, iMac, Mac Pro Tower

Computers under Apple Care or System under warranty need to visit any Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Center – We are Apple Certified Technician, but We are not Apple Authorized Service Provider

Liquid Spill Accident

We are able to work in your Liquid Spilled Apple/Mac device. We have a great average of fixed computers with this issue.

Please DO NOT turn your computer on, after a liquid spill happen you want to take it to us for a deep cleaning/drying. Do not wait until it dry out by itself, that could cause circuit corrosion making almost imposible to get it working back. We will give you the best solution. Diagnostic in 24 hours.

Cracked or Broken Screen Replacement

Apple Computer’s screens are very fragile, it is easy to break it. If that happen we can fully replace the screen assembly. We need one day maximum two to get it fixed. 60 Days Warranty

You can open an order to replace your screen by phone or setup an apointment. To Order we need you prepaid the service. If you leave your laptop inshop no deposit will be needed, and you pickup once it is ready for you.

General Apple Computer Repair

When your Apple Computer stop working as expected you have option to take it to us. We will perform a deeply assessment and let you know later the diagnostic result.

Not Turning on Issues, No Video Screen, Booting Up Problems, Software Problems. Operating System Upgrades, Customization. Software Installation.

In Short Terms, we can fix all Apple Related Problems

High Rated Computer Shop

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